smell good,Is the next door frying again??

Wish Minglang wake up,I quickly smelled the deep fried aroma。
Splashed his face with cold water,I wish Minglang discovered that the scent comes from my kitchen。
Where’s the Valkyrie?
She is in the kitchen??
Does she still cook!
Amazing,Go to the dungeon,Go to the hall,Go to the kitchen!
Walk into the humble kitchen,Zhu Minglang saw a bamboo basin next to a big pot,In the bamboo basin are small rolls that have been fried to golden golden and oily,Looks crispy,Looks delicious!
But soon,I wish Minglang saw another crushing scene!
Valkyrie holding long chopsticks,Skillfully rinse the fat silkworms on sweet potato powder,And threw it directly into the oil pan,The fresh scent rose up immediately。
“The big meat silkworm I raise!!”I wish Minglang wailed。
“I’m hungry,You don’t have any other ingredients。”
The silkworm is so cute,How can you eat silkworms!
I wish Minglang have worked so hard to raise big silkworms for more than a month,One can only exchange for one grain of silver sand,To marry a wife in the town depends on these most expensive silkworms……
“You look like a fairy,Extraordinary temperament,Why is it so fragrant to fried silkworms?……How cruel!”I wish Minglang want to cry without tears。
“I have seen your big meaty silkworms,That’s what the people under me do。I have a bite,Too greasy,Don’t like。”The Valkyrie wrapped the fried big silkworm with a tender vegetable leaf,Take a bite,Then he swallowed with a frown。
Just eat,You still have to say they are greasy,I still have to make this painful look……
Obviously delicious!
Zhu Minglang still clipped a piece at the end,Put it on fresh vegetable leaves and lightly roll,Put it in your mouth。
“brat,Don’t eat you,Don’t eat you,They are big silkworms,Was originally raised to eat。”Zhu Minglang comforts the little ice worm lying on his shoulders while eating。