“Speak!What request?speak louder,This is not your character”Xiao Xiao said,Smiled at Old Xiao。

Xia Jian had a lot of courage and said:“I want to transfer Zhou Li from Yiyuan to help me”
“what?Are you digging a corner?,Who is responsible for this Yiyuan??”Xiao Xiao opened his eyes in surprise。
“nice!I know how to use my own people before I start,Yiyuan, you can deploy it,A group company,There are not many people who can manage the dance hall”Old Xiao Chong and Xia Jian gave a thumbs up。
Xiao Xiao on the bed,Suddenly covered with dark clouds。
First0047chapter The beauty returns
The sun just showed half a smile。
The entrance of Xiping Village,Parked a green taxi,A beautiful woman walking off the car。
Long hair shawl,A light yellow sweater,Black leggings,Black leather shoes。Woman under the package of clothes,Lordosis,Curve of the whole body,Revealing,It’s so beautiful。
Wang Degui has the habit of walking in the morning every day,Where he just passed,Take a closer look,Isn’t this Zhao Hong who hasn’t shown up in the village for a long time??
“Look at the beauty, the village chief?”Chen Erniu came out from nowhere。
Wang Degui who was surprised,This will be really scared,He gave Chen Erniu a fierce look,Angrily:“See you dead head”
Like a gust of wind,Wang Degui entered the hall,Chen Yueqin is cleaning the room,I looked at the old man and said:“Come back so early today,I haven’t cooked yet”
“I ran into a ghost early in the morning“Chen Degui is not angry,Pour on the kang,Didn’t even take off the shoes。