“Huangquan,This is the family,Our Lushan Home is so,The same is true for the rice。”

Lushan Needa, I don’t know how to persuade,Hard scorpion will reveal the cruel reality:“at the very beginning,Fisherman’s home,That is, the father of the rice is not agreeable.,But I mentioned that you can’t become a heir,He hesitated,Reburse the price to make interest exchange,He is pleased to agree with the revocation of marriage.。”
“That,That……What is the saying??”
“Destroy marriage is yesterday,Do he contact you??”
Zhaoshan Huangquan silent,Double boxing pinch,Expressing this cold and ruthless world……
One hand reached from the side,It is a strong and smile.,Both parties,Only smile is still pure。
Lushan Huangquan slightly,Then after seizing the hand of the Tongliang God,Even if you have no world,She still has a sister。
Orange trend is a big。
The Tong Palace is also very depressed,Last Tongyong Yale and Liao Wenge,She has some creative mentality,Painting Liao Wenjie and fiancee‘≈’symbol。
Although Liao Wenjie is often very unfair,I like to grab something bully.,But overall,Is a good old brother,Plus powerful strength is enough to drive Ba Rui,Can share pressure for your father,It is the most needed person。
In summary,The result of the belief is not bad……perhaps。
Just recognized,she‘≈’The fiance has become‘≠’,Turn around,A sister‘≈’fiancé,The mood is big and big,Clefly fortunately depressed,Focus on faintness。
Depressed,Her Huangquan sister is not happy,I must find a way to make each other happy.。
“with all due respect,This is a little late for the revocation of the marriage contract.?”
Liao Wenjie vomiting:“You may revoke the marriage,But I have not promised that I will agree to this.,or,You go back and ask,Plus money,The restaurant should not refuse to continue the marriage。”
Yushan Huangquan:“……”
Please don’t tear the shame again.,Really, there is no more。
“about this point,I believe you will agree……”
Speaking of which,谏 山 奈 落,Turning to the Tongya Ya Le,Let him say the shame of the line。
“Cough,I can see it.,You like Huangquan very much.。”
Tongong Yale Tuning,After all, didn’t say something in the bottom of the skirt.,Not afraid that Liao Wenjie wants face,But he is a person who is a face.。
“I like it very much.,I don’t want to marry her.?”
Fall into the voice,See the atmosphere in the house is not,Liao Wenjie Qing Dynasty,Supplement:“I mean,I like to be divided into many kinds.,I greatly appreciate the hairstyle of Huangquan.,that’s it。”
Yushan Huangquan:“……”
understood,This will cut the hair short hair,Do a explosive hair type。
“Wedding is not anxious,If you feel that,I can try to get along with Huangquan.,I will make a decision。”
“too difficult,Think about it,And I am afraid that there is no two sentences.,She will cut my knife。”
Liao Wenjie shook his head:“In the future, don’t marry.,If you are joining the privilege family,I can hang an honorary member,After all, I have been changing the stone.,Need to collect clues from you。”
The palace Ya is slightly smile,Sure enough, I didn’t miss it.,The other party like Huangquan,if not,Will not reject any organization at first?,One mentioned the marriage contract。
Have dinner,Liao Wenjie acts as planned,Go out after ten o’clock,Excusement is out of wind。
Yushan Huangquan is under the sake of father,Don’t help but keep up,The whole process is stinking,Is full of nothing。