“What’s wrong?I was at home last night,Back to Pingdu overnight。Help at the small clinic now,Are you alright?”Good luck too。When Wang Youcai just said this,,The train just stopped。And still didn’t pit in,Be a temporary parking。

Wang Youdao:“Oh!”Went on to say:“Brother said you are goingSH,I just want to ask,Where are you going?”
“Big brother is a pig,He wants to lend me two hundred thousand,So I lied”Wang Youcai is very good at lying,It can be said that just open your mouth。Wang Youdao can’t ask anything,May be a bit busy,Hung up。
Niu Huiling shook her head helplessly and said:“Your second brother!Very smart,It’s just that the courage is getting smaller and smaller,Afraid of everything”
Wang Youcai in front of his second wife,And don’t talk ill of his second brother,I had to perfunctory。Niu Huiling is a smart person,I saw that Wang Youcai didn’t want to talk about Wang Youdao,He went back to his bunk。
Because of the contact in advance,So when the train arrives,SHWho has sent someone to pick them up at the station。Everything is going very smoothly,A little bit smoother than expected。In fact, it was Niu Huiling and her classmates who helped。
When not in contact with such things,Looks very difficult from the outside。But after some explanation,Even Wang Youcai thinks it’s fine,He can do。
Because they just took the car,So let them rest before joining,Real negotiation,Did not start until the next day。Because Niu Huiling and Wang Youcai did their homework tonight,So on the first day of negotiation,The two of them kept asking questions。
Problems they don’t understand,Almost all asked。The franchisees are very helpful,All their problems,They all answered。Some still speak with facts,This impressed Niu Huiling and Wang Youcai very much。
Since the site has not been built,The franchisee cannot conduct on-site inspections,So they signed a contract of intent temporarily,Paid 50,000 yuan in advance,When Wang Youcai’s site is completed,After the franchisee passes the examination,Both parties signed a formal contract。
When Wang Youcai and Niu Huiling left,How good information was given to them。Including the decoration style of the hospital,There is also a unified facade。Even the clothes of the hospital staff,All are distributed by the franchisee。What people do is unification。
In the returning car,Niu Huiling and Wang Youcai happily talked all the way。Because of this trip,For both of them,It’s really worth it。
Once the train arrives in Pingdu,Niu Huiling didn’t go back to the provincial capital directly,But got out of the car with Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai is also a lunatic,He ignores everyone’s fatigue,Which fat manager went directly with Niu Huiling。
This woman heard that Wang Youcai came to her to rent a house,And rent such a large noodle,This woman is a little excited,Because the place Wang Youcai wants to rent has just begun to build。
Wang Youcai took out his drawings,And the general layout of the room。Fat women are also unambiguous,Asked someone to find a construction project drawing。This place Wang Youcai wants to rent,They plan to build a kindergarten,This is also the municipal plan。Of course,Wang Youcai used this place to run a hospital,Also for the convenience of the people,So this matter does not conflict。