Medicinal diet conditioning: how to eat ginseng tonic

Medicinal diet conditioning: how to eat ginseng tonic

When it comes to qi, people often think of ginseng.

In fact, in addition to ginseng, there are different types of ginseng, codonopsis ginseng, and ginseng, etc. They all have the function of supplementing qi, but they are different in use.

  Ginseng is warm in nature, which can nourish the energy of the spleen and lungs, but also replenish vital energy. It is a good medicine for those who have recovered from a serious illness, and have a chronic illness.

This group of people is often afraid of cold, shortness of breath after activity, dizziness, love to sweat, thin stools, low blood pressure, pulse weakness and so on.

  As a warm and tonic, ginseng should be used with strict indications.

High blood pressure, history of cerebral hemorrhage and other medical conditions, usually with dry mouth, easy to get angry, complexion redness, dry stool and other manifestations should not be taken.

Although some human bodies are weak, they tend to be yin deficiency, such as accompanied by fever in the hands and feet, dry eyes, tinnitus, backache, and less urine. Do not use ginseng alone to avoid fueling the fire.

  Ginseng can be stewed alone for a long time; it can also be chewed, and 2-3 tablets can be chewed in the mouth, which can be refreshed and refreshed; it can also be cut into thin slices and flushed for tea.

The effect of Codonopsis ginseng and ginseng is ginseng, but the strength is slightly weaker.

  It should be noted that ginseng cannot be used with deflated drugs and foods, such as radish, so as not to affect the potency; it is not suitable to drink tea at the same time, because the fermented acid in tea will affect the absorption of the drug; in addition, it should not be used with veratrum and WulingzhiAnd other traditional Chinese medicine.

  American ginseng is cold, in addition to replenishing qi and regenerating jin, it can also clear fire and relieve annoyance, nourish the stomach and nourish the lungs, and it will not cause problems such as “fire” and increased blood pressure.

But it is a drug after all, not for everyone.

American ginseng is suitable for those who have the above symptoms of Qi deficiency, but also have fluid damage or yin deficiency and internal heat, such as blushing, dry mouth, upset and insomnia.

  American ginseng can clear the fire, so the spleen and stomach are cold, the stool is sparse, or the man is impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, women’s sexual indulgence, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and many people, it is not appropriate to use American ginseng as a health product, so as not to further damage the yang and worsen the condition.