I got close to Sun Songtang,Raising a fist to knock down Sun Songtang directly,It’s just that Xiang Chen forgot the injury in his ribs,I have already figured out how to crack Sun Songtang’s martial arts,But the motion of raising his hand can’t keep up with the thinking in my mind at all。

Sun Songtang’s fist fell on Xiang Chen’s right shoulder,This blow was accompanied by the injury left by Cang Fuxue on the right side of Xiang Chen.,Directly abolished half of Xiang Chen’s body,But when Sun Songtang’s fist fell on Xiang Chen’s shoulder,Xiang Chen’s fist also hit the fossa of Sun Songtang’s right shoulder,Two people exchanged punches。
Everything is as Sun Songtang expected,The person in front of me does have some abilities,Although I don’t know why he chose to forbear,But the act of pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger always has a price,The scars I left on him before,Always useful。and so,Even if the dying struggle gives the man in front of him more explosive power,Sun Songtang still doesn’t worry much。
I want to say something to Xiang Chen,Sun Songtang frowned suddenly,The pain from the shoulder caused big sweat in the temples on both sides of Sun Songtang.。
“I said,Your hands don’t belong to you anymore!”
Xiang Chen and Sun Songtang are almost half-hearted,After swapping punches, swapping arms。
“Don’t make the dislocation so scary,My hand is still on my arm!”
A sad smile appeared on Sun Songtang’s face,Then the smile stopped abruptly。
White paper fan as evil wolf white,Sun Songtang has never lacked computing power。Swiftly,Sun Songtang suddenly found out that he had made a fatal mistake。
A person,After being chased by myself for so long,Facing the attack of the gunner, you can still dodge easily,And he was able to punch one of his arms,Who is this guy in front of me??
Only for a moment,But Xiang Chen still caught Sun Songtang’s look at the gunman,The guy behind is dead,But his body can still tell some facts,Like why he died here!
“Did you notice?”
When Xiang Chen spoke, a cold smile appeared on his face,Sun Songtang couldn’t help shivering。
“Reintroduce,We are not good at fighting,But killing is good!”