“You let him go first。After all, it has just reached this bottleneck period,Even if you don’t use Jiujiechangpu, you have the opportunity to break through with your own ability.。”At this time, the vast Taoist appeared abruptly behind Jiang Min。

Hear this,Jiang Min froze for a while。
Yes,This kind of cultivation of perception is different from the martial artist。Acquired martial artist
When force,Maybe you can gain something after practicing hard。
It may even cause qualitative changes due to quantitative changes in training。
But monks can’t practice like this,There is no such thing as diligence in this place。The scariest thing is,Maybe someone is so talented that they can walk in the crowd,Can suddenly have new insights,To break new ground。
People can only envy these things。can only say,Everyone’s chances are different!
“Ok,I understand!”Jiang Min sighed,Turn back into the house,Maybe I slowly accept the fact that Qin Feng has completely surpassed him。
of course,He won’t just give up like this,The first person in China who was once aloof,Naturally will not be discouraged by a little failure。Even in front of the new world rules,Jiang Min dare to say that he has the ability to take his path!
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Six You are a common people
You go,from now on,You have to fight on your own strength。”Jiang Min shook his head very reluctant to Qin Feng。
“Thank you two。”Qin Feng knows that these two people are for their own sake。
At this time, the vast Taoist leaned in front of Qin Feng,Guide the way:“Let’s go to Liuli City,I’ll calculate it for you,You go over there to temper,If you guess right,You have the power of witchcraft。”
“In time,Definitely break through,Don’t underestimate Liuli City,Go,You still have to go through Peach Blossom Luck and Peach Blossom Tribulation。”
The boundless Taoist sold a pass,Qin Feng’s eyes widened,“Just go,As long as you don’t keep me,I’m boring enough of these。”
Qin Feng is indifferent,But the vast Taoist smiled evilly,“Kid,Avoid irritability,Calm!You still need a lot of experience,I will prepare something for you,You take it away。”
Jiang Min is very envious,It’s just a pity that he is not yet Qin Feng’s opponent。
“Don’t worry,I will talk to Jiang Yan,Let you rest assured。”Jiang Min instructed。