And then left,Gu Changfeng looked at each other,Not discouraged,Continue to wander around the village,Half day down,I also found three families selling dry goods,Just accept some,Take this to find a chat,But when it comes to the original village company,Be alert to convenience immediately,Keep silent。

Before dark,The three wandered around another village,Roughly the same,Not much gain,Had to go home。
The locals here are now very vigilant against foreigners,After all, something big just happened,This reaction is considered normal,It seems that the method of unannounced visits does not work,At night, you need to try to find a breakthrough from the detained shrimp soldiers and crabs。
Many people involved in the disturbance were arrested,Mostly outsiders,There are so many locals,It’s all about the idle pain,I coaxed myself in。
“What position do you hold in the Chaohe Association?”Guo Yuxi flipped through the file,While asking a troublemaker who just brought in。
This is a young guy with a shy face,Long white,Wearing black frame glasses,Looks very gentle,But the eyes behind the lens flicker,Gives people a very unreliable feeling,This person has been in Gedian Village for two years,Obviously there should be some material in the belly。
“cadre,Reserve officers。”
“What kind of position is a reserve cadre??”
“Mid-level,I,I can’t tell。”
“Liu Changshun is your upline leader?”
“Yes,Also my mentor。”
Gu Changfeng and Guo Yuxi almost laughed out loud,What kind of mentor does an MLM organization have?,See you a long time ago。
“Liu Changshun’s other identity is the main altar of the Korean Peace Conference,Then you should be the rudder master!”
“no no,Is not,Is the relationship between superiors and superiors,Those rudder masters、The name of the lord of the altar is all outsiders joking about us。”
“joke?”Guo Yuxi sneered and shook a piece of paper to the young man,“This is the organization chart of your Chaohe Meeting,From the main altar to the branch altar,From branch to branch rudder,Clearly written above,I found it in your office,Are you kidding yourself??”
The young man looked stiff,The thick lips wriggled for a long time.,“Maybe someone who is okay is playing around……”
“You can think clearly before speaking,It’s not you who fooled me here、Confusion。”
“Really……Really,We are a serious company,Without those messy things。”
“What product?”