Eleventh chapter · Sure enough, only smart talents will encounter dangers.

White fireworks bloom in the air,The opening ceremony of Mengtian War and the New Star War。
Great Gifts in Chess,The players are solemn sitting on the seat,The shutter sounds around the surrounding,Each chess hand is plated with a shutter-litflucence。
“Today is very special for chess people,Two heads held at the same time,This is the case that I have never been seen in the past,But not only did not distract the public’s attention,Grab our enthusiasm,Instead, more people’s emotions,This is a good thing,Means that our chess circles can have been in full live”An old grandfather who didn’t know how many years old at the stage。
According to past,Summer speech is Sumprise,But today is replaced.,Changed to a old chessman who biased to the executive,Job is the vice president。
The opening ceremony is as solemn,The stakeholders of famous currents are all in the forefront.,Carry http://www.bjztba.cn up the whole venue。
For the player who just entered the line,This scene is too nervous,It’s a newcomer who looks like to promote the seat.,Obviously the lengthy boring speech,But listening to unexpected attention。
Chemical attitude,Sitting in front of the front row,Toring continuous scanning,Like a classmate of crazy on class。
Just started【Xianhe’s shadow】It is really easy to use,ComparableaDream small stone hat。
Press his current popularity,The place in this media gather is definitely to be besieged all day.,But after loading this item,The reporters are like not to pay attention to him.,I will only node, I will only nine paragraphs.,And will not die to hey the microphone。
This is a switchable props,I want to be paid to it.,You can start the waves at any time。
“Hey,What do you see??”Hamang asked。http://www.ykrtwl.cn
“Look for different,Do you have any strange things??”
Mountain shoud:“no,Recently, I am well in accordance with the survival guide.,No chess at night,However, the other people in Peach Huazhai will practice in court.。”
“Then what happened??”
“Everyone is the same as usual,Nothing difference。”Mountain Answer。
“Then do you feel??Don’t believe in your eyes this time,I have to believe my feelings。”Corporate。
“Who do you understand this?!”
Topic moments。
Since the mountains said it is fine,Attached, from the naked eye, do not see。
Kobe observed for so long after,It is also the result.。
Whole Great Gifts Sitting,Whether you are young or middle-aged,All as usual,Tension,The yawn yawn,It’s a model of a deputy ceremony.。
It is really a full feeling of this scenery.,Although everyone’s age http://www.tiansilang.cn hierarchy is uneven,Up to40Down to14,But give people feel like a general school,Age gap does not exceed3age。
“Say,This time no nine-segment member is present.。”Husoka asked on the stage。
According to the provisions of,Any head,You must have nine members to supervise,But this time is not one。
At this time,The star is sitting next to it.:“This word,I have heard that they collectively travel out.。”
Hill:“again、Also travel?Is this group not just come back from Hawaii??”
“This time is Europe,It is also a new try place for them.。”
“This such inside news,Who are you talking about??”The first reaction of the subject is that there is no way。
“Sister as the result。”
“This is too much.!Witch is so much?!”The impulse of mountains in the mountains,“Besides,This group of nine paragraphs is so idle.!”
really,Simply idle。
Don’t say it.,Waiting for the break of the bubble,I will replace the deposits into the dollar.,When you come, you can’t get it.,Madness,Richest,I’m doing yourself,Humph!
After the heart is spit,Kobe asked the star:“Then your sister.?”
“And Sai Qingdao senior sitting in the first row,According to the process,They both want to go up,Operation order,Usually this process is made to other nine paragraphs.,Carefully think,It seems that they are now nine paragraphs now.。”
Be said to be said,I hope I hope,It is still ingenious and the two of the front row contacts.。
Star married and waved,Qingdao deerrerereSpit。
Hey, this is really,The attributes of the two people are at a glance。