Party Day series of party days at all levels of Haixi

Since this year, Party organizations at all levels of Haixi are actually practiced, and the theme of the theme, rich in content, and a variety of themes.

Party organizations at all levels will packet the theme party and the "three sessions", continue to advance, calibrate the "biological clock" of party members to participate in organizational life, and organize party members to deeply learn the socialist thinking of China’s characteristics, Xi Jinping The secretary of the secretary of the secretary, etc., continuously improve the party members’ ability to use the party’s scientific theory guidance practice and promote the ability.

All levels of party organizations are critical, living form, high standards, and real style, in organizing up and down, in the event, in conjunction with rural revitalization, let the theme party reaches "new era".

Party organizations at all levels are closely integrated with party history, and the theme party is closely integrated with the "party class" activities. (Source: Haixi State Committee Organization Department Yan Yukun) (Editor: Chen Mingju, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.