Deng Jiao first developed the first atomic bomb "baby" is it!丨 Red Imprint Episode 62

Burning a hundred years of memory with the sound, I am a revolutionary cultural relics telling people, "two bombing a star" Yuan Xun Deng Jiaxian’s wife.

The cultural relics I told are the hand-shake computer used by Deng Jiaxian leaders developed China’s first atomic bomb.

This dark gray hand shake computer, at first glance, like a vintage button phone, the surface is black and white with a button of the heeveot of the arabic digital; only the addition and subtraction, the number, the number, the number, the square Computing, but it has accompanied my grandfather Deng Jiajing for many years, witnessed the first step in China’s independent development of nuclear weapons. In 1950, the anti-US aid will explode.

In the face of the nuclear threat of the United States, May 19th, Chairman Mao Zedong personally approved the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, which is the first nuclear science research institution in New China.

China National Museum Collection Department Li Wei: Mao Zedong once again emphasized that China will not only have more planes and cannons, but also have an atomic bomb.

In today’s world, we must not be bullied by others, you can’t do this.

One day in August 1958, I was responsible for the development of the secondary department of the nuclear weapon, and Mr. Qian Sanqiang, director of the School of Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said to a 34-year-old young man: "China is going to put a big gun. Call you to participate in this work. "This sentence said, the young people immediately understood, this cannon is an atomic bomb!" And this sentence has also opened his life of the surname of 28 years.

This young man is Deng Jiaxian. Deng Jiaxian was born in a family of books in Huaining County, Huainan, Anhui Province in 1924. In 1941, the enthusiasm of the anti-Japanese national saving country was full, and Deng Jiaxian was admitted to the Department of Physics of Southwest China Union.

In 1950, I got a doctorate on my Ph.D. in 1950. He resolutely returned to China and credited his promise: the future of the motherland urged people, I will come back later. Dufen Deng Jiaxian became the head of the theory design of the IAC’s theory of the Qian Songqiang. Keep the secret, at night, I can’t sleep in the bed, suddenly sitting on the wife – my aunt, Shu Lu, gently said: "He Xi, I want to transfer work.

"Xu Lu Xi: I asked him where he went, he can’t say, what I said to do, can’t say.

I said that you gave me the number of the mailbox, I wrote to you, he said that he can’t communicate. This home will rely on you later, my life is dedicated to the future to do these work.

He said that this sentence is very determined. He said that if he is doing this, I am worth living in this life, and it is worthy of it. The nuclear thing to give a lifetime to the motherland has become the vow of Deng Jiaxian unchanged. And he paid hard to imagine the hardships. On June 20, 1959, the Soviet government had an abandonment, interrupted to provide an atomic bomb teaching model and drawings to China, withdraw all experts.

This has caused great difficulties to the development of China’s original bullets. In that year, in the research team of the first atomic bomb in the United States, at least 14 Nobel Prize winners, the team leading the father and Deng Jiaxian is just a group of college students who have just graduated. Many people’s nuclear knowledge is zero, so the father decided to learn to teach.

"The atomic bombs in our country, the hydrogen bombs are developed under very difficult conditions.

Some foreigners can’t afford us, saying that the Chinese have no ability, there is no condition, and I can’t do atomic bombs in ten years.

"After many years, my aunts said to me. During this time, my father Deng Jiaxian was very silent.

Even sometimes it is interesting at home, he will suddenly be interrupted when he is laughing. It feels that his entire person is divided into two halves. Working that half is always working, even if it is relaxed, it is just a short moment. Dunfather Deng Jiaxian likes music, especially when thinking about the problem, his favorite is the idylon symphony of Beethoven.

But one day aunt suddenly found that the song he listened was different, turned into "Beethoven Fifth Symphony".

The shocking note is constantly emerging from the player. Until, after many years, my aunt knows that it is the main direction of China’s original bullets in this day.

Li Wei, China National Museum, Collection Department: Deng Jiao first selected the physical properties of neutrophysics, fluid mechanics and high temperature high pressure. These three aspects were developed in the main attack direction of my country’s first atomic bomb. Only found the direction is far enough. The father of the US hydrogen bomb once said that in the development of the atomic bullet, there is an insurmountable alpine. In the United States, the United States has the most advanced computer in the world. In contrast, China’s research equipment is extremely primitive – a few simple hand-shake computers, calculating rules and even abacus have become baby, and the father is holding these. " Baby "once again. Li Wei: Handling computer is a mechanical device, after entering the data into the data, use the hand to rook out.

The most modernized theoretical calculations were made with very original handcuffs, at the time, the scene was maintained for a long time.

When the Soviet expert withdrew, he left a technical parameters, which was unexpected. It was originally helped parameters, but they brought a huge trouble to Dun Jiaxian.

In order to verify this parameter, the father leads the theoretical team to turn on the research.

Huda, who served as Director of the Office of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, recalling the years, and emotion.

Hu Ganda: On the evening, you will sleep, cover a yellow coat, 24 hours, it is not easy.

When the theoretical exploration began, nine of this has overcome many difficulties. One content should be made for nine times. Every time, there must be tens of thousands of outlets. Each outlet is to solve the five or six equations, and the hand-shake computer 哒 哒 keyboard sounds witnessed the scientists at the end of the Equation of hundreds of thousands of equations in the day! .

Fighting star shifts, lasting for 9 months, they used the cannade paper and computer-made weapon bags to the roof.

For this past, Hudiede, who has served as the Dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been deeply memorable.

胡 Side: We must count a model, tens of thousands of data, because this calculation method is calculated, one is wrong, he may be infected, and the error is taken to the forefront, and the entire calculation is all invalid.

After everyone repeatedly calculates each value, it is precisely that the parameters of the theoretical department leading the father and Deng Jiaxian are accurate. The data given by the Soviet expert is wrong, and the "blocking road" on the design of China’s self-designing atomic pop-up road. .

Later, the famous mathematician Hua Lugeng was evaluated for this calculation as that of the top mathematics problem.

1961 And it is entirely Chinese to explore it. On October 16, 1964, there was a loud noise on the Gobi Beach, and the huge mushroom clouds were empty. China’s first atomic bomb is successful.

Three years later my country’s first hydrogen bomb also exploded successfully.

However, due to long-term study of nuclear weapons, the father and Deng Jiaxian unfortunately suffered from rectal cancer. Even so, he is still fighting in front, until physical condition does not allow him to work again. In the 28th, the surname was buryed and cast and the industrial half-life, in the last month of his life, people hooked the atomic bomb and "Deng Jiaxian" name from the newspaper.

The aunt from the doctor decided to look at the blood from the nose mouth of the father and Deng Jiaxiang, but it could not be powerful.

Every time I said this past, my aunt is always a tear stream. Xu Lu Xi: I helped him. At that time, he stood up is very difficult. It is the effect of the drug that can not maintain his old standing or standing. He lived in 301 hospital for 365 days, 365 days, two He didn’t die.

At the last moment of my father, he said deeply to the aunt:.