A concentration of 30% acid, also dare to brush? Be careful to brush your face

Some merchants sell not only to the matching bricks, but also claim that novices can operate in real time, and some people say "come to the hospital to pick up".

However, "The hospital’s medicine can not be privately sold outside." A doctor told the new network, "This is a violation of the rules.

"The college online version of the hospital sold on a shopping website, the seller said that the hospital will pick up the goods.

The hospital has been brushing one hundred, I brush itself once a few dollars; some tutorials also deliberately exaggerate the effect of brush acid, as if you have been brushing acid, the skin can take a bone, replace a "cold white skin." This causes many people to be keen on medical bricks at home. Among these scallions, many people have a phenomenon in which poppecaps and pores appear after brushing acid, helpless online for help.

And some people still stopped after the "rotten face" situation, repeating the circulation of "brush acid-rotted face-maintenance-re-diszym" over and over again.

"As long as the process will not be wrong" "Medical brush has improved the skin of acne, acne, and eye pattern.

Ms. Zhang said, but for some skin, the acid is brutal can cause pigment precipitation. It is better to consult with qualified doctors with qualified doctors, after all, to consult with qualified doctors, after all, love beauty should pay attention to medical care. risk.