Traditional Chinese medicine beauty: 5 kinds of food to eat smooth skin

Traditional Chinese medicine beauty: 5 kinds of food to eat smooth skin

Lead: Skin is like a mirror, reflecting your physical condition.

To maintain beautiful skin, you must first make your body healthy.

Therefore, the diet must not be biased. The old Chinese medicine regimen introduces you to 5 simple foods, which are undeniable for smooth skin.

Lotus Root Lotus Root is rich in vitamin C and minerals, has medicinal effects, and its hemostatic effect is more human-made.

Recently, it has been proven that lotus root is good for the heart, and it can control the effect of promoting metabolism and preventing rough skin.

Lotus root porridge is especially effective. If combined with lotus seeds, the effect is better. Just add 30 grams of lotus root to the porridge.

Agaric fungus is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has the function of purifying blood and is a good food for the skin.

Since ancient times, China has regarded it as a holy product of longevity, nourishment, strength and beauty.

Fungus also has a lot of dietary fiber, which is very suitable for those who usually have rough skin due to constipation.

You can fry or make soup. You can eat more. The fungus and jujube decoction will double the effect.

Jerusalem artichoke potato has the effect of moisturizing the skin, making rough skin smooth.

Potatoes, like other slippery vegetables, contain nourishing and strong mucin and various enzyme ingredients.

The cellular functions of these components are activated to promote metabolism.

These functions can strengthen the gastrointestinal tract, promote digestion, and improve rough skin caused by constipation.

Dried salted plums with yam can promote metabolism and beautify the skin.

Plums Plums are excellent foods with multiple functions.

Eating or coating has an effect and has been regarded as a treasure since ancient times.

If applied, it can not only treat skin diseases, but also improve rough skin.

Especially soaked plum dried wine, the effect is better.

A glass of sake with 3 dried plums, just one Wednesday.

When taking a bath, pick up the soaked wine and rub the skin carefully while massaging, the skin will gradually become smooth.

Especially effective on dry keratinized skin.

Sesame legends Queen Mother Cixi loves eating sesame to maintain beautiful skin.

Even now, women like to accept sesame with water and honey.

In fact, from the viewpoint of modern nutrition, sesame is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E, which can improve peripheral vascular disorders and make the skin soft.

It is a food that people with dry skin must eat.

People who suffer from rough skin drink sesame tea every day, the skin will become better and shiny.