Seems to feel the momentum brought by Wu Xing,Hexi didn’t say anything,Just taste the tea in hand。

For Wu Xing,The male god I love in my heart,Hexi’s favorite is his,To protect important things,Desperate,Unrelenting courage。
Also because of this,When facing the order of the heavenly army,,Show his unstoppable spirit,Make countless scums feel terrified,Let Hua Ye not hesitate to send a regiment headed by Su Marie to encircle and suppress,Finally not only persisted,For the female angels won a respite,And let those scums begin to fall apart。
That battle can be said to be earth-shattering,Shocked many civilizations,Truly won a place for female angels,Also has the capital to fight the scum。
This is why he is called the King of Heaven,It’s all because he laid an unbreakable foundation for female angels!
Since then,His figure was printed in Hexi’s heart。
Because guardian,So powerful;Because of love,Will be invincible;Keisha,I really envy you……
“Baba,Where to go?”Refreshment,Xiao Sasa followed Baba out of the morning tea shop,Asked with milky voice again。
Wu Xing thought for a while,I remembered the famous places on Earth,Then said“Dad takes you to a fun place。”
“it is good…interesting place。”Little Sasha’s cute little milk bag stayed in a daze,Then he clapped his hands excitedly“OK…OK,Aunt,Baba take us to play。”
“Ok。”Looking at cute little sha,Hexi was also affected by the cute emotion in front of him,A slightly gloomy state,Also gradually recovered。
And Wu Xing said to take his daughter to a fun place,Except playground,There is no more suitable place。
In terms of entertainment,It can be said that humans are better than angels,Do not,Should say so,Than all the civilizations he knows,Much wider。