“Quite rare mental fluctuation technique,This should belong to your human special talent。He is exchanging consciousness with the surrounding plants,Awaken their vitality。of course,This level of mental power is not enough to affect me。But you have to be careful,Don’t be trapped by him。”Xiaozhi explained quite calmly。

In a blink of an eye,The ground under everyone’s feet cracks continuously,A few huge roots of unknown plants revealed their true faces,Tightly cover the area where the insect infestation is blocked。
The rhizomes of these plants are obviously catalyzed by different forces,Overdraft all vitality early,That’s why it became huge,Like the tentacles of an underground beast on the ground,The scene was quite shocking。
obviously,This is the ability of the apostle Nanno Shui,He can manipulate plants,Make it grow wildly,And used。
Minano Xiuyi’s face showed a very surprised look,Grinned:“The plant partners here are very powerful,Simply too strong!I like this place!”
Energetic in Shocking God Valley,The plants are already much more lush and dense than outside,Full of vigorous vitality,So this Minano Xiuyi will be like a fish here,Indirectly felt this kind of power。
In this place,His companion plant ability is ten times more powerful than outside,Of course I will laugh from ear to ear。
quickly,Under the joint efforts of Minano Hidei and Sun Keke,A controlling soil system,A manipulating plant,Actually filled the worms tightly,Unshakable。
At this moment,Zhu Rong, the fire apostle with the ability to control fire, finally finished,This person with arms around,An extremely hot ring of fire burst out from the whole body,Sweep at high speed to the insect tide outside the earth wall。
Any bugs swept by this ring of fire,All burned to the ground,Skin and flesh,Exudes a weird smell。
Insect tide lost support,Can’t get supplement,Finally the number of people burned down。
The only female apostle among the twelve apostles,Finally a relieved expression appeared on his face,Said with a smile:“Or you are good!So many bugs can be done!If i was alone,Scared to death。”
“If you are afraid,Can fly!”Lu Menglin, who was standing opposite, said with a smile suddenly。
“Can’t do it!Flight is limited,And I have to bring so many people together。”This obviously European female apostle Fei Weier smiled at Lu Menglin,Casually explained。