The old priest who is a fan of money was taken aback first,Then he squinted his eyes and looked at it carefully,Can’t help but shine,Exclaimed:“It’s you!You are potala?”

“Not Potala,Brada!”Sin Priest Brada shook his head,Corrected with an unhappy expression。
“Whatever it is!You guy,Actually still alive?”The old priest Cai Mi sighed in surprise。
“Ok,I am still alive!correct,By the way to tell you,The pretty guy behind me,He is Master Wu Hao,He also has a title,Dragon God’s favor!Are you sure you still want Yuyuan from him?”The sin priest Brada said calmly。
“Long,Dragon God’s favor?Don’t you want to bluff me!How can there be such a title!”The priest Yang is full of doubts,Shook his head。
“Ah,I’ve reminded you anyway!Believe it or not!Looks like you are stupid in the expedition hall,Don’t know anything about the outside?”
After the sin priest finished,Just retreat behind Master Wu Hao,Obviously I am not going to say anything。
The priest Yang’s eyes rolled a few times,Seems to be considering,Is Brada trying to lie to herself?。
Although Brada was the leader of that priesthood,But that was already more than 20 years ago,I am now the priest of the Expedition Hall,Live in the imperial city all year round,People outside can’t influence me。
but,Lu Menglin obviously didn’t use it“Dragon God’s favor”The meaning of this title,He uses the most usual movements,Reached out and shook in the void,There is a pile of jade tickets in my hand。
In full view,I saw Master Wu Hao picked one from the pile of jade tickets,Flick。
The large jade ticket floated to the front of the priest Yang。
“Sorry,Can you get change?The smallest denomination here is from 50,000 jade yuan。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Said。
The priest Yang stretched out his hand to take the jade ticket floating in front of him,Rub your fingertips gently,Know that there is absolutely no fake,This is a jade ticket jointly guaranteed by the three great cities,And the face value is really fifty thousand jade yuan。
“Find,Can’t find!”The old priest Yang’s wrist was shaking,Even the voice trembled。
Damn it,Is that kid so unexpected??A big ticket of 50,000 denominations at hand,And even more terrifying is that he still has a thick pile in his hand。
Except for this old priest Yang,No one else present should doubt,Master Wu Hao is so predictable!