Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“You said that only the three of us know about this,Who else could she have?But based on my many years of intuition,Lin Wei can’t do such a thing。Unless she has something unspeakable”

Xia Jian still believes in Lin Wei,So he thinks Lin Wei can’t do this。But who is she??Xia Jian is extremely conflicted。
Yao Junli thought about it:“When we were talking,I found that Xiaolin’s eyes were a little wrong。Do you want me to remind her?”
“no need,Lin Wei has been with me for many years,There is hard work without credit,It depends on her own awakening。Didn’t I come to you for a drink?,Then bring the wine”Xia Jian said and laughed。
Yao Junli sighed and said:“You are very big”Yao Junli talk about it,Still brought out a bottle of imported red wine。This woman is rich,But she really likes to drink。Especially for red wine,I feel like a soft spot。
Two people from on the sofa,Looks very relaxed。Yao Junli raised the red wine glass and shook it gently,She asked with a sigh:“New year soon,Where are you going to spend?”
“Where else can I be,Can only go back home。I think about it,Today is the 27th of the twelfth lunar month,Let Lin Wei go home tomorrow,Let’s talk after the new year”Xia Jian suddenly said something to Yao Junli。
Yao Junli says:“also!But I also tell you。My parents went abroad this year,So this year’s Spring Festival I also celebrated in Pingdu。Such a big villa is a bit vacant for me to live alone,So please come and accompany me,There should be no problem!”
“no problem,Prepare a few bottles of good bar!Xia Jian laughed and said。
They drank until six o’clock in the evening,Because it’s almost dinner,So they stopped。Xia Jian went back to the office and called Lin Wei to eat。But there is no one in the office,Xia Jian thought Lin Wei was back to his bedroom。
He turned,I accidentally found a piece of paper on the coffee table。Xia Jian felt strange,I walked over and picked it up。It turned out to be a letter from Lin Wei。
The letter is written like this“President Xia!I, Lin Wei, will be sorry for you once in my life。Come to Pingdu to work this time,It wasn’t my intention。But my aunt forced me to come,As for the reason,I don’t need to say more,What I want to say is that I was helpless”
“What my aunt arranged for me,I can’t help but do。So i think,I can beat her right up。If you really hate me,If I have a chance to meet again,You just beat me。Goodbye Mr. Xia,Your company can definitely do it”
Xia Jian took this letter from Lin Wei,I was dumbfounded。Why did Jin Yimei do this??It was she herself to please Xiao Xiao?Or is it Xiao Xiao asked her to do this??Xia Jian really can’t think of it。He really doesn’t know,Who else in this world can convince him。