Director Liu glanced at Secretary Wang,Secretary Wang immediately nodded at which Director Zheng said:”Director Zheng, please answer this question”

Director Zheng is in his forties,Comb the back of the head。He is short and fat,Especially his big belly,When he sits wherever he feels his stomach is on the table。
“There is nothing to explain about this,Just demolish!It’s their Hongjian Group that doesn’t want to demolish”
Director Zheng shakes his head,I feel that this matter is for him,It’s just a small matter。And his meaning is very clear,Project progress cannot be carried out,His responsibility is not,In Hongjian Group。
Xia Jian who has been holding back nothing,I can’t help it at this time。He was so angry that he patted the table and roared:“It’s just nonsense。The work of the demolished households is not done well,They don’t want to move,And some have nowhere to move,Then please,How do we dismantle this situation?”
“okay,You Hongjian Group want to be good people, right?!Then you just wait。The appetite of these demolished households is great,We can’t satisfy them at the little money you give”
Director Zheng saw Xia Jian lose his temper,He stood up excitedly and shouted at Xia Jian。
Jin Yimei can’t sit still,She said sharply:“Director Zheng!Is this what you should say as a leader?What is the money we gave?It doesn’t seem to be decided by you and us!If you have any questions, you should report to your competent authority,Instead of complaining to us。In addition, your implication is that regardless of whether the demolished households move or not,We demolish it。Do you mean that?”
Ginger is really old and spicy,These few words of Jin Yimei,Director Zheng has nothing to say for a while。He stood awkwardly and shook his head。
“OK OK,Don’t everyone be so angry??We sit here today,Is here to discuss and solve the problem”
Secretary Wang saw that the limelight was wrong,He immediately changed his attitude。From accountability to negotiation immediately,Change fast enough。
At this time,There was a quarrel in the yard。The door of the meeting room was pushed aside,Several men and women wearing white and filial piety rushed into the conference room,Behind them,Followed a lot of people。There are men and women,There are even elderly people。
These people keep coming in,Until every corner is full of people,When you can’t move at all,They just stood at the door,Even climbed on the window。
Xia Jian felt it,There are definitely a lot of people here today,There are hundreds of people。Director Liu of the Management Committee is in a hurry,He called the security guard loudly,But his voice can be ignored at this time。
Secretary Wang was sweating profusely,He held his fists and said:“What do you have to say,Can send a representative to talk to us,You are illegal like this”
An old man in his seventies pointed to Secretary Wang’s nose and shouted:“You are all killing people, it’s not illegal,Let’s talk about it and it’s illegal?”
The old man speaks,Everyone is talking,The meeting room suddenly became noisy。Some people are still ready to move,I feel like I’m going to do it。
Xia Jian can’t sit still,He feels that if this situation is not well controlled, people will die。After all, there are so many people standing in a limited space,As long as someone moves,This situation must be out of control。