At this time, holding a small shovel cloud Sao saw the tall figure suddenly appeared, her panic rubbed his eyes, then opened, but found he did not have vertigo, in front of the figure is still “Master, do you really?”
  ”Cloud Sister, I.”Yanjing Yang went over,北京夜网 thin lips brought back, hard and soft facial features a bit cold,” I did not die.”
  ”Great, sir, you all like, you all like.”Cloud Sao cried, she rubbed his eyes leaching of tears,” Thank God, sir you come back safely, and we all thought, all thought you.”
  ”I know.”
  He has watched the news, his father has organized a funeral fo深圳桑拿网r him, Oh!Even his bones are not, even took his clothes to do the funeral.
  ”Master, his wife’s room, passive.”The first day was admitted to Yan Dong Lianyun house, it makes things a mother Lan Su Yanjing Yang, in addition to expensive jewelry and jewelry, others are thrown into the utility room locked up.
  Dark eyes in an instant covered with a layer of frost, handsome Mei Feng also suffused with chill, Yanjing Yang said: “ah, I will deal with.”
  The owner of the room on the second floor, the door was suddenly opened from the outside.
  Originally eyes fill beauty sleep Dong Lianyun scared sat up in the big bed, she looked suddenly came two servants who instantly filled with anger, “Who told you to come in, do not knock on the door in advance?”
  She angrily snapped: “This is the home of strict rules?”
  ”I let them in..”
  B北京夜网论坛y this time, a man in a low voice at the door sounded, with the chill of a son, Dong Lianyun directly stunned face was downcast.
  ”what!ghost!”Dong Lianyun watched in horror tall figure appeared in the room, she scared quickly retreat back at the bedside, screaming out loud:” There are Ghosts, Yanjing Yang, you do not come.”
  Yanjing Yang brow wrinkled, full of tired of the color, “will drag people out there that do not belong in this room things are lost.”
  ”Yes, sir.”
  Two servants secretly joy of Dong Lianyun a fight, is not polite, this time s