In fact, it is usually consumed daily1.2Times the amount。

But this way,One hundred thousand yuan did not run。
so,One hundred thousand yuan for a meal,Zhang Yong is still a little bit sad。
“Humph,How much is this!When you chased me before, it cost more than this,it’s good now,I married you,You don’t want to spend money on me, right??”Chen Yunxi was so angry。
Zhang Yong smiled awkwardly,“Nowhere,This is not to save some money,Do you have a better life for our children?”
“Humming man!”Chen Yunxi didn’t care about Zhang Yong after a little anger,Just drink like this。
Not long,The first guest is here。
“Xiaoyu,long time no see!”
Chen Yunxi stood up after seeing the person coming and wanted to give him a hug,But it suddenly occurred to them that both of them are wearing relatively fluffy dresses,It’s easy to make folds by itself,So smiled awkwardly,“Hug you later。I haven’t seen it for a few years,Become plump!Boyfriend did a lot of effort, right?!”
Both sides made fun,At this time, Chen Yunxi introduced her husband Zhang Yong to Xiaoyu,At the same time looking at the male companion Xiaoyu brought。
It looks like,This male partner is quite young。But by looking at her exaggerated dress, Chen Yunxi will know,This is the result of temporary embracing。
Because of this long-distance running plus the straightening of the shirt collar,Still hang a big chain in front of me,A pair of men’s boots are also extremely eye-catching,Plus the holes in the jeans。
This is a standard peacock male dress。It’s the dressing of some novices who just started to mix up the night clubs to pick up girls and what happened to girls。
According to what the veterans say,This dress is eye-catching,Easy to attract attention。After all, if you look more ordinary, you can only rely on these to make up for and attract attention。
In fact, Chen Yunxi knew the expression on the man’s face,This is not a man willing to dress like this,It must be Xiaoyu who insisted on wearing this。
“Xiaoyu,You boyfriend.”