Then everyone here stared at her,not talking anymore,Fell into a very embarrassing atmosphere。

“I will bring you water,”Ye Cunxin finds an excuse,Left directly。
This is just an episode,Did not affect the progress of the game。
Next game,Qin Hao leads the way,Yiqi Juechen,Fast and ruthless,Is the characteristic of Qin Hao’s shots。
Qin Hao always felt,World Martial Arts,Only fast is not broken。
fast,Is the first,Offense is the best defense。
So in order to save time in subsequent games,He chooses to preempt,Directly overturn the opponent,win the game。
Last game,He got Tang Xinyi,The woman he wants。
“I know i can’t beat you,But that doesn’t mean I will surrender,”Tang Xinyi knows the gap between herself and Qin Hao。
“rest assured,I can’t bear to hurt you,Such a beautiful girl,I can’t do it。”
“Destructively,I can’t do it,You will be mine sooner or later。”
Tang Xinyi takes a leap,Just a hard punch,The field is like a battlefield,Be kind to the enemy is cruel to yourself。
Qin Hao has already judged her trajectory,Logically,He can directly end this game。
But he did not choose to do this,Finally met Tang Xinyi,Naturally I want to play with her。
“what,”Qin Hao turned sideways,Appeared on Tang Xinyi’s right,Pinch directly,Pinched Tang Xinyi’s right waist。
“You disciple,I fight with you,”Tang Xinyi walked two steps to the left,Deviated from Qin Hao’s claws。
But Qin Hao kicked,Tang Xinyi didn’t pay attention,Directly down,I’m going to fall to the ground,Qin Hao took advantage of the situation。
Tang Xinyi fell directly into Qin Hao’s arms,then,Qin Hao caught,I held a soft ball with both hands。
“really big,Really soft,I can’t hold it in one hand,”Qin Hao also pinched twice。