“Zhou Shu,How are you here??”

Looking at the hurried Zhou Shengjie,Li Hui is also a little curious.。
“Hey-hey,Not your mind, you are still good.,Now, our artificial lake directly into a fish pond.,One fish can sell one thousand pieces,This is not today’s bluebox is not enough.,One hundred brought today, there is no such morning.,I know that I will get more.。”
Say,Zhou Shengjie directly took out a bank card to Li Hui。
“Baffle,This is the dividend of your boy,Everything is in accordance with our original rules,There are more than one million in this.,Every time I sell it, I will save you.,This way, your boy can become a millionaire.。”
Listening to Zhou Shengjie,Looking at Zhou Shengjie’s bank card for Li Hui,A journalist presenting is hot in an eye。
Very value, there are several quite female reporters who have already silently in their hearts.,Originally, Li Hui Feng had a little gaze, and it was slowly turning into a shiny ray.。
“Zhou Shu,This only a few days, you will sell so much money.?
The fish in the artificial lake will not sell it almost.?”
“no,no,I am not stupid,I have now invited professional fish to split the artificial lake into several pieces.,Batch breeding,Batch,Your kid is relieved.。”
Looking at Zhou Shengjie’s happy meaning,Li Hui has something to say, but he didn’t say it.。
“Zhou Shu,How long does it take for fish?,I feel that I can last for about three years.,Three years later these fish should not eat now.,Nutritional value should not be so high now。”
breeze,So do you have a solution??
I am ready to give the seedlings base.,Special fish。”
“This reason you should know,It is the drugs I used to use.,But I didn’t have it in my hand.,And you have made these younger than before you should know,So I suggest you still put all your energy in the fish fish.,After all, I have no raw materials for raw materials.,However, you can find Professor Zheng asked.,Their research should also have some breakthroughs。”
Zhou Shengjie listened to Li Hui Rong,Frown:“Then if they have not studied results,Is our artificial lake can’t raise a fish??”
“Forehead,Able,But nutritional value is not so high,Price can be low,And Zhou Shu is not in a hurry,After a while, I will go back to school.,I will study hard when I arrive.,I believe it will be able to develop a better vibrant liquid.。”
“exactly,Professor Zheng, they said that you should go back to school during this time.,Take a good study,Uncle, you can rest assured,Everything will give you good care.,Contact the seedlings with the seedlings。”
I heard Zhou Shengjie’s broken,Li Xiang suddenly felt that Zhou Sheng Jie was attached to his mother.。
Soon Zhou Shengjie asked Li with the wind to do what to do,I immediately said things about Li Hui Feng.。
By the way, Su Chang and Zhou Sheng Jie know。
I know that the two tables present is a reporter friend.。
Zhou Shengjie originally wanted to go back to take a fish in person.,Directly tang it directly with Su Chang,Then indicate that no one is present.6666Squid belt back。
Zhou Shengjie’s exit,A member of the reporter in the scene, but the co-closer。
Front of Li Hui Feng sent a thousand yuan apple,Su Liang, please also value tens of thousands,Now Zhou Shengjie is atmospheric,No one6666Squid,This time I sent more than 20,000 pieces.。
This kind of gas is directly letting a reporter said that it is necessary to report the value.6666Squid。
Take a better floor。
Originally due to outstanding carp,Under the horses of Zhou Shengjie,Immediately on the table。
Everyone has tasted it.,But anyone can’t stop after tasting.。
Delicious,Slight,No soil,Even the fish soup is to let everyone call it.。