Wang Yufei was stunned,Thought for a while,He still didn’t explain to Old John, not just Cao Luping,Actually everyone in the laboratory was not born in physics,Even before coming to the laboratory, there was no basis for excess quantum mechanics.,Otherwise some things are not easy to explain,So after froze,Wang Yufei just smiled,Then nodded and said:“Row,I will tell him later。Let him make up the get out of class。”
“If you need to make up,I can share a courseware with him,You know,I have been teaching before doing this。”John·Martinis nodded,Then gave his own opinion。
“Then I will take Brother Cao to thank Teacher John。”
Ok,It seems John·It will take some time for Martinis to get in with the team,Just brought a sentence here,I have to bring another sentence to http://www.zhuangyan086.cn Brother Cao。But then again,Wang Yufei also agrees with the professor’s suggestion。
Since Brother Cao chose to work in the quantum computer laboratory,Next, we really need to have a deeper understanding of quantum physics。
He almost guided the creation of Xiaozhi,But after receiving some of his energy, it’s impossible to keep focusing on Xiaozhi.。
Xiaozhi needs to be upgraded in the future,Miniaturization of quantum computers has to continue research and development,When he put his main energy elsewhere,Naturally, I hope these people in the laboratory can stand alone。
Especially the construction of Xiaozhi No. 2 is a good opportunity。
Cao Luping and the laboratory staff have experience in building Xiaozhi No.1,Professor John has a deep theoretical foundation of quantum physics,I was a doctoral supervisor at Santa Barbara University,Adhering http://www.shanghaokeji.cn to the principle that it is a crime not to make the best use of,During the construction of Xiaozhi 2,Just let Professor John give everyone in the laboratory some basic knowledge of quantum physics。
At best, it’s just harder now,Wang Yufei believes in someone who can be called up in the early morning and is full of fighting spirit,This bit of bitterness is definitely edible。
Not only Cao Luping and the two teams now led by Cao Luping,The team in charge of Xiaozhi No.1 must also follow the rotation,Let old John work harder,So when the construction of Xiaozhi 2 is successful,Basically everyone in the laboratory should have a deeper understanding of quantum mechanics。
One thought ends here,Wang Yufei immediately decided to hold a meeting,The laboratory collective learning plan is officially promoted。