“Is this a illusion??”Oriental star silver teeth,mouth‘lip’A tremor,She can’t help but‘rub’Under your own eyes,She trembled out,Be careful to grasp this piece of Xuan Huang inside the palm。

Stone gun,Su Xian,Night moon three people also god‘color’‘Excitement’verb: move,I have http://www.swanrose.cn reached out to grab the blood of Xuanhuang.。
Xuanhuang blood crystal bright red,Just like the drunk red wine‘Bright’,Survive atmosphere。
Zombie,No one knows that this is more clear about this bloody blood.,Especially for the zombie。
Can change their blood,Can repair powerful tangistics,Let them go to the new peak。
“Sure enough, you are useful to you,Emperor,Be unhappy。”Lin Feng looked at the four people’s reaction laughing,I still underestimate the blood of Xuanhuang.。
“This is a little longevity,I didn’t expect to have such a big place to the zombie family.。”The greedy saint has a way。
His eyes look to Lin Feng more light,This is simply a growth,Can move people。
“Of course,it is good!”Stone gun‘Excitement’Move:“Xuanhuang blood,We can break through the limitations of the dead,Condensation!”
Zombie is a special life,It is a new species after the fall of human fall.,Essentially human。
However, zombies still have the characteristics similar to other eras.,That is the evolution of blood。
Want to evolve the blood into the high realm, you must practice the body,However, this is also characterized by human gong.,That is the re-practice,You can’t condense the imprint of the Emperor。
I am almost impossible to break this.,Unless you find a strong blood,This is one of the blood.。
Or you can create a peerless gang of unsatisfied and unsatisfactory,And can evolve the zombie blood。
However, whether it is the former or the latter is almost impossible。
Lin Feng’s emergence makes this situation changing,This is something that the four zombie leaders don’t think.。
“Ha ha……Old days have eyes!”Have a mild supper, you can’t help but laugh at the sky。
“Thank youn!”Night moon respectfully greeted Lin Feng。
“I actually got hate.。”Eastern star charming scorpion with a smile,The hatred gradually dissipated。
“Ha ha,Trim,Do not let me down,This is an emperor!”Lin Feng haha laughed at the greedy saint explained:“It is also a predecessor who condenses the imprint of the Emperor.,Half-step,Xuanhuang blood,No-dead god,I can also give you,Do not let me down!”
Su Xian,Night moon,Oriental star,Stone dare gun four big zombie leaders have excited。
With these conditions,They will enter the saint in the future,Condensation,Not here,Even understanding space is also available。
Be real master。
“10After year,Perhaps the people will be in the three domains,On the three domains,You are ready,Ten years,Greedy Wollery!”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“Go back。”
“The former hatred can finally understand!”Stone gun,Night moon,Oriental star,The Si Xiu took four people to turn around to the depths of greedy palace.。
“Boy,How many people can you raise this fresh blood??”The greedy saint smiles。
“have no idea,How much can you raise how much?,Including Tormu, they also need to drink this kind of mysterious blood。”Lin Feng smiled and explained:“Strong body,Practice,Tomorrow, accompany me to the Oriental family。”
“Ha ha,it is good,It is going to see the former residence of this Oriental Emperor.!”Greedy San Haha smiles。
I immediately turned away,Lin Feng is sitting in the knee in the void.,I don’t know why,Lin Feng always feels that there are many defects in this star.,As for the defect,He can’t say it.。
“So you can go to a region where there are many stars is fine.。”Lin Feng mysterical。
The stars he have contacted are just the sun and greedy.,This is just two of the stars.。
“White Star!”
This is the next realm of the speculation,However, this Bai State Lin Feng did not have a look.。
“It seems to be careful,Cannot be a。”Lin Feng mysterical,The stellarded itself is dangerous,Every real world is probably more difficult,Even hundred times。
Daming Empire http://www.wtxwifi.cn Eastern Region。
This area has a mountain,Mountain steep,Fangyuan thousands of miles,30,000 thousand feet,One cliff is coming up,The cliff is an endless abyss,This abyss is dark,Like a magic cave。
This mountain cliff is famous for the blackwood,Daming Empire Oriental Emperor came here,Create this place to black wood cliff,According to legend, this black wood cliff itself is an old remains。
Oriental headquarters is here,This emperor is from the Oriental family.,Oriental star,Oriental Star Hyun, Daming Empire100Year,It is a half-level strong。