11,000 volunteer service team building anti-hypownd lines – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Since the launch of new rounds of new coronal pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, the new era civilization practice center (office, station) in all parts of the whole district quickly investing in the first line of the fight against the epidemic, actively and orderly "civilized practice to help the epidemic prevention and control" volunteer service activities, Concentrate up the strong power of the anti-vision, and the power of hard work.

Aspirations, the people are willing. In the town of Estoke, Ertock, Ordos, a positive response from the polliers to the epidemic prevention and control of volunteers: "I am alkaline village, I will use the computer, can I?" "I am West Immigration Community, please contact me if you need help. "" Our pharmacy has a watering can. If you need it, I can donate! "… Volunteers enthusiastically registered, and worked together with staff in the epidemic prevention and control of the first line.

In the nervous situation of the epidemic prevention and control, Alashan Lee Jiqiqi Harburg Germany Uri Town uses the "Party Building + Volunteer" model, give full play to the new era Civilization Practice Center (, station) "Red Agent" grid volunteer Service advantage, actively contact the people’s docking situation in the jurisdiction, to find practical difficulties, and try to assist the herders to properly resettle production. Volunteers helped derandavia to come to the town, temporarily unable to return to the work of the pastoral, to feed livestock, to buy live materials to herders, and use their heart to protect the normal life of the herdsmen ‘home prevention and control, and have an epidemic in the cadres Prevention and Control Service "Connected Bridge". Tongliao City, Zuo Biqiqi New Times Civilization Practice Center (office, station) played all over urban and rural grassroots, closely contacting the advantages of the masses, in Hebuhua Town, Momen Town, Suku, Coordination of Suhu, Huahu Sumu, etc. Carry out all kinds of nucleic acid detection emergency drills, mobilize all kinds of new era civilization, volunteers, actively and orderly participation in the prevention and control work, in practice, to interpret "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress" volunteer Spirit of service. "As long as wearing a volunteer red vest, you must perform a good mission, actively cooperate with medical staff to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, which is a very meaningful and very glorious thing for our volunteers." Dado in Baotou City The sort of the flag hospital, volunteer Niu Yonghui and companions guide the masses to queue registration, scan the code, and carefully answer the problems, and the whole process is insertionally. From the morning to the late night, they have always been busy at the front line, from no one to shout a hard work. At the Dalaoqi Mont Hospitalist Hospital, Zhang, who is lining up, is worried about not using a smartphone, and the warmth of the volunteers will be worried about his concerns. "My eyes are not good, I can’t see the words on my phone, I usually only call."

Thanks to them, teach me to scan code, register information, I can successfully do the nucleic acid. "Uncle Zhang said gratefully.

Tongliao City Zarutron rely on the New Times Civilization Practice Center (, station) and grid management measures, organizes all kinds of volunteers, take telephone inquiry, feedback clues, etc. The case has a trajectory cross-crossed person, and the village does not miss the house, and the household does not leak, and the dung’s prevention and control is effectively passed.

At the same time, they assist relevant departments to strictly implement protective measures such as home high-risk areas, and arrange special personnel to conduct key tracking and body temperature monitoring. The New Times Civilization Practice Center (, station), the right flag of Baotou City, issued an initiative to call on the actual needs of each volunteer service organization and the majority of volunteers according to the actual needs of the epidemic situation, and actively participate in the prevention and control of volunteering. The whole flag is 90 flags, the flag unit package 12 communities and 104 residential communities, and more than 2,900 party members volunteers take the lead to the community, and they are fully covered under the co-ordination of the new era civilization practice station in the community. The stroke code, health code, and persuading personnel who have a history of travel in risk areas for testing nucleic acids.

According to incomplete statistics, as of November 11, the anti-vaginal volunteer service team launched by the New Times Civilization Practice Center (, station) from all over the region, the number of people who participated in the exhibition of the epidemic prevention and control reached 10,000.

All local new era civilization practice centers (stations) give full play to the co-ordination role of volunteer services, organizing all walks of life, autonomous regions directly under the direct unit and the base units of the county, etc., etc. , Hard-fighting anti-anti-fight songs. (Trainee Reporter Li Chauling willow) Editor: Wang Huiwen.