But Xiao Fan said that Shen Lin and Su Ran just came back. Some things may need Xiao Fan to arrange or give pointers.,After all, I haven’t worked for so long,It will definitely be rusty when I first take over。

So Xiao Fan said that he should stay here for a while,Then explain to them about their work,Tell them what to do,In this case, he is more at ease。
Gu Jin said:“alright,I’ve never seen your boss so worried。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Actually not only the boss,They are also my younger siblings,I am happier to see them,As long as they can do well,These are just minor obstacles。
I can give them a lot of help,But they must grow,This time the experience brought a big blow to both of them,Also made them two more mature and stable。
I hope they can take advantage of this sense of maturity,Go back to your original state more or better and calmer than before,Instead of always doing things impulsively。
Su Ran should be punished for this incident,But I haven’t figured out how to punish,After all, if it wasn’t because of her impulse,,Maybe this will not happen。
Although we all know that we can’t blame Su Ran,But always let her take responsibility,Otherwise, there is no way to explain to the brothers in Shenlin’s new base。”
Gu Jin nodded and said:“Yes,You are right,In fact, it was Su Ran who made a mistake,You should be punished if you make a mistake。
What’s more, although this error is not a small one,Even if the brothers of the new base didn’t blame Su Ran,,Didn’t blame anyone,But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t punish Su Ran。
Besides, both of them are fine now,It’s all right to be punished,I believe Su Ran will not be dissatisfied。”
Xiao Fan said:“Yes,She won’t,She wished I gave her some punishment,Then she may feel less guilty,I just haven’t figured out how to punish me。
And just enough to make Su Ran remember the mistake he made this time,I can be less impulsive next time。”
Gu Jin said:“Just think about such a difficult question,I can’t think of it。”
Xiao Fan smiled and said:“Then you go back first,I’ll stay here for two more days anyway,Then if you have something, you can go to Yoona to chat and eat with you,And I heard that Yoona has been thinking about small rice cakes recently,You go and show her the little nian gao。”
Gu Jin said with a smile:“It’s up to you to worry,Bai Chen will definitely take him there,Don’t worry。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“it is good。”Then Gu Jin and Bai Chen left,Xiao Fan returned to the new base。