One thousand two hundred and thirteen chapters Fox Sacrifice

Sandstorm City,The owner of the plane team,Have been on the wall for over an hour。
They saw a large number of dark creatures still active outside the city。
but,The direction where Master Wuhao left,I can’t see any special signs anymore。
And those black evil maggots in groups,And those big waists,The evil pincers as strong as a chariot,As if in an unconscious free state,They didn’t assemble again,Attempt to attack Sandstorm City,But it seems to have become a wild animal,Just wandering outside the city。
Dark race outside the city,Still far more than the soldiers and civilians in the sandstorm city。
Over time,The mentality of everyone in the plane team has also changed differently.。
“Master Wuhao shouldn’t be able to return!We can’t wait any longer,Must make a decision immediately!”Gao Dajin frowned,Said reluctantly。
Mi Xiaochong has the same entanglement,Shook his head:“Do not,I think I can wait a little longer!At least those dark races are not attacking the city right now,Our pressure is not that great!”
“Do not,Can’t wait any longer!We must prepare in advance。Once the dark race begins the next round of siege,No one can resist。”Gao Dajin said sharply。
“What do you mean?”The defense master strictly guarded the copper and asked in a deep voice。
Gao Dajin looked around,Took a deep breath,Say word by word:“My opinion is to sacrifice immediately,Ignite space coordinates,We must go back alive,No one can be less!”
“I object!Master Wuhao’s life and death unknown,Now we have not done anything,Ignite space coordinates now,It’s tantamount to giving up this plane to others!”Mi Xiaochong raised his head,Immediately retorted loudly。
“Sorry!I must be responsible for everyone’s safety!We are here to open up the plane,It’s not here to die!”
Gao Dajin paused,Keep saying:“Don’t you guys see it yet?The number of dark races on this plane has far exceeded the normal number in the pioneering period,I can conclude now,They have begun to invade this plane aggressively。We must bring the news back to God City,Let the high level of Shenting decide,Do you want to take back this plane?。”
“Just let us stay here,Just to die!”After Gao Dajin finished speaking,Take a deep look at Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming’s side,I’m afraid they will have different opinions。
“I agree with Dajin!To ensure everyone’s safety,I can’t stay here anymore!”The defense master strictly guards the copper and said with a serious face。
Mi Xiaochong wants to speak but stops,But I was holding back what I wanted to say。
In fact, the hearts of these people from the Grassroots Gang are bright,They’re here to open up the plane to gain benefits,Not for sacrifice in vain,Besides, there is one person in the team,There must be no accident,His safety,Has passed everyone’s life and death again。
Son of daughter,Do not sit down!Just this one reason,Is enough to invalidate all objections。