On looks、Wang Zhenjie is one of the best in family history,Even if he bothered with girls,You can’t say anything even if you know it。After all, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer。

Wen Yunyun looked at the pictures sent to herself by her so-called girlfriends on her phone and was half angry!
Slammed his hands on the bed!The picture above shows the picture of that best friend and Wang Zhenjie。
“Bitch!All bitches!”
Wang Zhenjie can only be his own!Don’t want to grab me!I Wen Yunyun must show you some colors,Let you know some people you can’t mess with。
On weekdays,Wen Yunyun makes friends with rules,No use value or no family background will never know。
The girl who just sent a message is called Jiang Chaoer,The family is quite rich,But she is also the same as Wen Yunyun,I thought this school didn’t like people,No one can match him,Now I am in love with Wang Zhenjie,Won’t give Wen Yunyun face at all。
Came to school angrily,I just saw Jiang Chaoer and Wang Zhenjie walking towards the school gate talking and laughing!Wen Yunyun turned pale with anger,Staring at the back of the two。
“Tide!What a coincidence,How are you together?”
Pretend to meet two people accidentally。
I saw Wen Yunyun,Wang Zhenjie put down the hand on Jiang Chaoer’s shoulder,Looked at the two awkwardly,Captured on the spot,Without a trace of guilt。
“Yes?Such a coincidence?Are you just coming to school now??”
There are ghosts,Deal with other people together on weekdays,Speak bad things about others behind your back,How could Jiang Chao’er not know that Wen Yunyun always likes to come to school early,Just to create the image of a diligent and studious goddess。