“I still know,If it’s not for your safety,,Just killed it。It’s a pity that your friend not only betrayed you,Ran away alone。I’m right?”

Liu Yi felt a chill in his heart,The middle-aged man in front of me seems to know how to read mind,Guess the thoughts in his mind。
If Brother Qian just stabbed him down,I will definitely tie his neck with my thighs like my life,Fight with him and die,Even if Chen Guanfeng intervenes,It may not be saved。
“If i don’t go with you?”Liu Yi stared,Bloodshot eyes,Asked with a tired face。
“I said it before,I’m always fair,You won’t follow me,Then give me what you owe me。I will break your hamstring,Lest I meet you on the rivers and lakes one day in the future,I don’t want to clean up a growing enemy,Avoid trouble。”
Liu Yi feels a little bit,Finally decided,The middle-aged man in front of you is definitely not a good person,Cruel hands,Not Jiang Yang,Is the gangster。
“it is good,I’m going with you!You look down on me,I am willing to follow you!”Liu Yi replied unambiguously。
Because he knows,People like the other party can turn their faces ruthlessly at any time,Just hesitate,I’m afraid it’s me who is unlucky。
Liu Yi didn’t even ask the other party what came from,Corresponding entirely by intuition。
really,Liu Yi’s quick talk,Make this middle-aged man very happy。
“Haha,Boy, you should be eating quack,Follow Laozi to ensure that。Let’s go out and mix,Talking about a clear grudge,Knife for you,You figure it out!”This middle-aged man laughs,Threw the dagger in his hand to Liu Yi,The gaze cast aside the slumped brother Qian and Chen Guanfeng on the ground。
Liu Yi suddenly got cold all over,He knew the other party was trying to force himself to do it,Blood on hands,This Jianghu Road is only one way to get to the dark。
And said he wanted to be clear about his grievances,Brother Qian needs to pick his hamstring,Then I have to give the opponent a three-knife six holes,Otherwise it’s not clear。There is something in this,It’s not that there is no meaning to vote。
Liu Yi’s heart is bright,This middle-aged man is really a real figure,Cruel,Scheming,Just talk and laugh and drive others to death。
Compare with this class,Brother Qian is a scumbag,I didn’t even touch the threshold of the rivers and lakes。
“it is good!The big husband is clear!”Liu Yi took a breath,Bite the scalp and came to Brother Qian。
The hand holding the dagger trembled slightly,Although half a minute ago,Liu Yi still hates this brother Qian to death,But now there is a big living person in front of you,Can you really make it??
Brother Qian is lying on the ground,Shivering with fear,Even the crotch is wet。