To know,She felt very comfortable after eating just now,I even plan to appreciate this feeling,It’s just a pity that the pleasure disappeared too fast。

“and so,Do you want to work together?Can make money and harm the Tianlong people!”
Heard Leo’s words,Hancock nodded。
First55chapter Cooperation with the Empress(Seeking recommendation Seeking collection)
The flower of hell in this world,Just an ordinary plant,But the effect of plants is a bit special。
In One Piece World,There are more ruthless plants,Many eat people without spitting out bones,Even the behemoth of a hundred meters is just a problem。
Listen to Leo’s plan,Hancock’s eyes are getting brighter,Seems to find a way to avenge the Tianlong people。
Leo spoke in detail,Actually, he had such a plan after he discovered the flower of hell.。
He has no affection for the Tianlongren at all,There is no psychological burden on the Tianlong people for a hard meal。
“How about Hancock,Leave the main process to me,I can start my plan for the Tianlong people after I have a bigger business strength,And you are responsible for planting these flowers!”
Higan Flower,Is the name Leo gave this plant。
Internally, it is a flower that makes people die,As for the Tianlongren, it will naturally become a beautiful flower that makes people enjoy bliss。
Hancock nodded,Very satisfied with this plan,But she is not stupid,Know the harm of this flower。
What if it affects their country?
Leo looked at Hancock,Know Hancock’s worries,As a king,Even if she hates Tianlongren so much,But it doesn’t mean she can ignore the future of the people。
“Hancock,Are you worried about the impact of Higan Flower on your people??”Leo asked。