Captain Tong said,Connected to the phone,I saw him,A smile appeared on his face,Keep talking:“Good good!I remember that the driver drove the car directly to the city government”

Hang up the phone,Captain Tong smiled at Xia Jian:“Did i say?Why didn’t anyone on the road see,The welcoming ceremony was originally set in the auditorium of the municipal government,The leader says to act low-key”
Xia Jianyi listen,I’m still a little happy,At least,Someone cares about his own life and death,But he said to Captain Tong:“Do it!What is welcome,I’ll go back and rest”
“Hey!Don’t have this idea,The leaders are waiting,Who are you welcome?”Captain Tong and Xia Jian were talking and laughing,Let the driver drive the car directly to the city hall。
He Jing sitting behind heard that Xia Jian was going to the city government,Hurriedly stood up and said:“President Xia!You wear this to meet the leader,I’m not too particular about it!”
Xia Jian just remembered,This dress on my body,It’s Tian Hongyu’s father,Wang Huimin bought him new clothes from town some day,Go up the mountain and meet a local bear,Made a mess。
Mu Rong Sisi also wakes up like a big dream,She screamed:“No way,We have to buy a suit for President Xia”
“Park the car on the side of the road,So many beauties care,It seems that you can’t buy it!“Captain Tong said to Xia Jian jokingly。
Money can make ghosts go,Don’t talk about a suit,Just over ten minutes,When Xia Jian entered the city hall,I’m wearing new clothes I just bought from the mall。
Prolonged applause,And flowers,But it’s not someone else who gave the flowers,But Bai Ruyu,This makes Xia Jian both happy and excited。
The vice minister of the City Propaganda Department presided over the welcome ceremony.,He gave some more official welcome speeches,Then let Xia Jian shake hands with the leaders。
What surprised Xia Jian,The mayor and the deputy mayor are all here,And Director He of the Public Security Bureau who he has not met,Secretary Wang of the Municipal Party Committee heard that he went to another place,So here comes the Deputy Mayor Lin。
Next,The mayor spoke in person,Mainly to praise the contribution of entrepreneurial groups to Pingdu,Also indirectly praised Xia Jian,This made Xia Jian happy for a while,Unfortunately,I heard that today’s welcome ceremony is closed to the outside world,So the whole ceremony is down,Did not see a reporter present。
When the ceremony is over,Mayor Li walked to Xia Jian,said laughingly:“President Xia made such a great contribution to Pingdu,I didn’t expect to have such a thing in this city,I hope you don’t have a shadow in your heart,The investment has to be invested,Don’t waver in your mind“
“nothing,Not only will I not be shaken,And also reflect to the group,Speed up investment in Pingdu,Strive for in a few years,Let the whole city have different changes“Xia Jian said very seriously,It sounds like he is bragging,But these words,It’s what Xia Jian said。
Mayor Lee,Haha smiled:“President Xia is really young and promising,Very courageous,Our fair city exhibition,I have to rely on your entrepreneurial group,How about this!My private treat tonight,It’s a shock to you“