When the team is difficult,Rosau,Someone has finally did not support,Directly。

This disrupts the calm of each team,What a wire,Next, all teams continue to start falling.,The onlookers are indifferent。
“Forget,Training is timing,You are so stunned.,All eliminate。”Jiaji looked at this unmounted military school。
People who have not yet walked over this face have bite your teeth.。
Zuo Luohuan glanced at the coming next to the coming next to it.:“You pass the past,I finally,Waiting for the rope。”
“good。”Yi’s should,He stepping on the cord across the cliff crack。
After the foot is powdered,All people’s strength discount,In the past, the equilibrium is extremely high.。
Most people go to half is hands and feet,Slowly climb the past。
Wait until someone falls,The people who have not yet passed slowly changed the strategy,Directly on the first step and use it,Climb。
The speed is too fast,Foot point on the rope,People have not completely sink,The other foot is in front of the next second,Hundred mi thin rope,Others have been tough,He is like a water,I will pass in the past.。
“This is too easy.。”Rosau is watching,Be unfamiliar。
“You have been a day by Zuo Luo.。”Anying Jingxiao,“Oki can be opposed to her,Level?”
Rosau turned to see the Anying Scene:“I talk about it.,The person you have never had more http://www.lufeiair.cn than dozen is more than my team.。”
Anyingcape is horizontal.,No restraint,I have stepped on the rope.,Although it is more than,But in a military school, a military school in a hands and feet, it is very bright.。
More than two hours,Most of them have passed,This is only a sporadic person.。
The team of Ji’s team only left Zuo Luo Huan.,She wants to solve this fixed rope。
Last person like Tracing,Unlock the rope,Tied directly to yourself,Tie a few laps,Then be opposite people pulled the past。
Zuo Luohuan declined the rope,Wrought a few laps on the wrist,Determine,Take a few steps,Then I took the path straight.。
Far from a hundred meters,Zuo Luo Huan is a few steps,Finally, it will hold the opposite cliff side.,Subsequently turned up。
This is so,Opposite it also attracted a breath,This is too fierce,There is no highly poor difference in both sides,Her explosive http://www.baitaidq.cn power is not too metamorphosis。
“I heard that she is wearing a skeleton machine.。”Jie Ji saw this scene,Side teaching official,“Sure enough。”
Even if these people wear bone machine have been more than the first thing.,But there is always an impact。
Zuo Luo hurts the rope,Follow the team to run to the front of the building。
There have been five ropes hanging above,Obviously, the Winter Army has been used.,Wall smooth is incomparable,No stress point,Obviously need to rope to climb up。
The five teams must put the rope.,Just spend a period of time。
“Snowfall,You go up to explore。”Oki’s way。
“good。”Cut snow grabbed rope,Although the palm is lubricating oil,But rough rope,This is another climbing,Hazard is much lower than just。
She also slipped down in the middle,But soon.。
Go back,Cut is playing a gesture,Moderate no problem。
Rope is contaminated with lubricating oil,It will be more skilled in the back,So, the coming is first.。Just over the cliff crack,He noticed a part of the strength of the person weaker.,Powerful stay in the back。
The top of the building is a big platform,Mid five staircase channels,Guan Xue did not go,I am waiting for the team upstairs.。
Wait until the team is almost,The Oak is brought by people.。
Staircase no support,And the ladder is very slippery,Everyone is careful when walking。