First192chapter Hi-tech

The day before arriving at Yihai High-tech Economic Development Zone,Tian Lu called Chen Limu,The first meaning is greetings,The second level means to ask whether the starry sky’s accident has progressed。
Chen Limu replied,Express gratitude for her concern,As for the starry sky,She hesitated,Said,Will find out,Still under investigation。
Tian Lu still wants to keep asking about Ye Xingkong’s question,Chen Limu’s not sullen attitude is not good, ask again,Had to hang it politely。
now,Air tickets and train tickets are about the same price,Tian Lu chose Jifei,And booked an affordable homestay in advance。The rise of homestays,It’s because of creating a model that combines culture and tourism,After farm house renovation,Simple and affordable,Convenient for those who go to play。
Half an hour flight。Tian Lu came to the High-tech Economic Development Zone(Abbreviation‘New District’),No time to see the environment of the newly opened area,Because it is consistent with the expected prosperity,Various supporting facilities in the city are basically mature。
Follow the foothold found on the Internet,It’s a homestay room。It is said that this is the only house left by the Republic of China in Yihai High-tech Economic Development Zone,Renovate and strengthen now,Local investment of funds to preserved houses。
In the bustling industrial park,It’s one of the few folklore places for homestays in a radius of fifty miles.,It is a small place with fresh nostalgia。
Pack light,Can’t bring,Or throw it or mail it to the current rental place。Only two suitcases,Carrying a backpack,Turned around and came to be called“Chen Tangcun”’S village。
All roads are concrete,Traffic sign、Traffic lights are the same as in the city,Not far from the industrial park,Reasonable rent for online newspaper,Acceptable,It is said that everything comes to the industrial park“Mining gold”White-collar blue-collar gold-collar,In order to pack yourself tall,Generally not renting in Chentang Village。
So I gave Tian Lu class workers who don’t have much distractions to live temporarily,Equivalent to a concession,Various previous“collar”Dislike the land。
Tian Lu is nothing“vanity”Exquisite,As long as it is practical。According to the agreed time,Complete the rent formalities before 5 pm,Otherwise cancel the appointment。and so,Tian Lu dare not slack off,Sweating profusely and arrived at Chentang Village。
The front and back of the house in Chentang Village are all vegetable gardens,The house is a uniform five storey high,The doors and windows are one more window higher than the ground floor in other places。
The windows are made of wood,11Vertical bars,Two horizontal bars11Vertical bar,The upper layer of the window is separated by the same two small windows。Big under two-story windows、Upper elementary school,The layout of the houses in the bank is almost the same。
White wall,Blue tiles and red tiles,There is a square house on the first floor of each house,Like a hat for a floor,There are a few plates of cacti or unnamed plants on the ridge,Shelter from falling rain,Prevent falling rain from splashing into the first floor,Can block the sun,Prevent the summer sun from entering the house and increase the heat inside the house。This is probably what distinguishes it from other houses。
According to the online booking is in Chentang Village58number,Count the house number,Came in order58number。
A path in the middle of the vegetable garden in front of the door,Walk along the path to58In front of door number。No one saw anyone in the village,Sometimes toddlers are exercising their feet,Followed by older ancestors。in58In front of door number,But it’s rare to see three or four people。