Xia Chenglong agreed very interestingly。
Others leave,He has nothing to do,Can only sit on the chair next to rest,After all, now he is just a hillbilly from a mountain village!
Xia Chenglong observes the surroundings,Most of the personnel’s strength is controlled by the Mood and Transformation,And it’s still a minority,Usually the leader of the team。
Just like Big Leopard and them,The whole team is not much transformed,It seems that their status here is not low,At least not too low-level。
This springboard is just right for him,But want to enter the real core of Tujia,I’m afraid it will take a long time。
After a while,Brother Leopard, they walked out of it,But the wink is not so good。
“Damn it,We lost several brothers,Just give me some compensation,Those guys are really not human!”
“Just,How to say we are also the top five strength of this division,Why are they paying Lin Lao San twice as much as ours??”
“Damn,Stop talking, stop talking,Who makes someone have a good brother,Be an official here,What’s the point。”
Everyone came from a distance cursing,Xia Chenglong got up:“What’s the matter, Brother Leopard?”
“No,It’s nothing,This is the day to wash the dust for Brother Along,Don’t say this,go,Let’s go have a good meal。”
Brother Leopard saw Xia Chenglong,Hide the unhappy look before,Grin immediately,Arms around my shoulders with joy。
“Correct,Correct,I’m going to wash the dust for Brother Along today,Don’t talk about those!”
Since everyone does not mention,Xia Chenglong stopped asking。
But just didn’t walk a few steps,Seven or eight people came here,The headed guy wears a casual tunic lazily,Playing with two spiritual cores,There is a smile on the corner of the mouth。