at this point,Actually no one knows。

And Wei Zhong is seeing here,Is talking coldly。
“Other things,Don’t talk about it for now,But for now,I think,You can start from this aspect!”
With Wei Zhong’s words finished,obviously,Actually this,It looks like Wei Zhong,Not bad。
“As for Wei Shasha,This woman,I have a solution at that time。”
“After this time,I’m afraid I’ve already stunned the snake,Want to start again,It’s not that simple anymore!”
at this point,Others think so too。
What else?
Wei Zhong looked at these people in front of him,Thought a little bit,Then I didn’t forget to say。
“this matter,I think you all should know。”
“So next,What should we start from?,This matter is clear。”
When Wei Zhong’s words are finished,Others are eager to try。
But now,These things,they know,Now there is no chance。
“Wait and see,There will always be a chance。”
“but,That kid also finds out for me,Broke our good,This account,Let’s calculate with him slowly!”
Chapter 23 is here,Waiting for you for a long time