A sudden sound,Sun Wukong is extremely depressed,When air is falling in the sea,Crash a cluster of sand。

At this time,Niu Deyan,See the monkey act according to plan,No way out,The only slightly doubts also throw the brain。Arms muscles rumored a lap,Strive to force the golden hoop,And then low head,A cow roof will throw a monkey to a high altitude。
period,Sun Wukong once again made it,Newcomers can’t understand,Niu De Wang old society,Definitely understand that he is expressed。
However, there is no egg,Old 牛 想 揍 monkey is not a day two days,Say anything else to give up a good opportunity,I directly ignore my light eye.,Have a strong strength,Even the neck jungle came out。
Look at the real acting of his very color,Can imagine,How recursive people in the monkey。
Liao Wenjie and Niu Deya,An entrenched,Will Sun Wukong as a sandbag。
One person, a demon,A sea convergence,Exploring the skills and monkeys,One original is not much different from the monkey,Directly play the monkey up and down,里 叫 叫。
Several times,Sun Wukong seriously suspected that the two teammates understood,But I didn’t understand it.。
If he is unwilling, he immediately gives up the gods to pass the information.,Half-air fierce,Carrying a rolling demon ruling Liao Wenjie。
Sandbag continues to fly up and down,Liao Wenjie and the Niu Dey are doing happy,Sun Wukong’s mouth is wrothing,Admit that the two teammates are not under him.,One of the two difficulties is very difficult。
“Cow,Don’t fight,I……”
“Without further ado,Look fork!”
“Ugly your sister,You are the ugliness!”
Play again,Say that it is not letting,Make the eye is also ignored,Sun Wukong directly,Biting the stick in the hand,Run two monsters to ventilation。
Niu Deya, a top, Sun Wukong,See the Liao Wenjie who is in the high altitude position.,I know that I’m almost over.,When the monkey is in the moment,Strike,Flying it to Tang Sanche。
Monkey brain,In front of Tang San,biuPull out the nose’s eyes,Two nosebleeds。
Not play,Be really miserable。
“Envoy,You also fight too much.。”
Tang San Tibet raised his hand in front of Sun Wukong,Cloth sleeve erases nosebleeds:“All right,Be,I can tell,You are indeed not the two monsters,But they want to kill you is not so easy.,What should I do next?,Want to scream for the teacher??”
Despise from IQ,Monkey fried on the spot,Bite:“Need not,You are waiting here,The warm body is over,I will kill them.!”
“Envoy,Do you want it?。”
Tang San Tibet:“Your skin is thick,I can’t die again.,Can make a compassionate,You can’t make it uncomfortable for the teacher。”
really,You know everything!
Sun Wukong has a double eye,Uncomfortable:“Be right,The two monsters are my name,But Master you know mine.,Who is the demon roller?,I deliberately release the wind,It is to fight them.,Not going to sell you。”
“Envoy,as long as you are happy。”
“Master,As long as you know。”
Sun Wukong sucked the nosebleeds,Turn around,Gorilla,Welcome high-empty round moon to roar,抡 round arms beat your own chest。