Wonderful side,Anxious inquiry。

“What grasped?”
Summer picking your eyebrows。
“Oops,I have been this time.,Why are you still like this?。”
Wonderful,“Of course, it is the grasp of the refinerie.。”
Summer laughing,“I certainly have,It is the feeling of feeling too much.。”
“Yes。”Summer is sinking,Ask,“If I directly refine a three-character,Mill is allowed?”
“Direct refiner?”
Miao Miao sound is not a bit,“Are you crazy,Direct refiner consumption is too long,Primary assessment,Simple steps only need,You can initially distinguish your order。”
“Means of,Direct refiner?”
Summer touching,After laughing,“Do not worry,Four products,Orsight a fee for some time,But the three products are not a problem for me.,Be very。”
“I do not know what you’re talking about。”
Miao Miao, I don’t believe it.,“move。
Inside the 3rd hall,Dozens of people have been gathered at this moment.。
They are all three-character refinerie,Anxious and enthusiastically waiting for the admission committee。
Three products refining teachers are the http://www.hongshengsuye.cn backbone of the entire field industry。
therefore,Every year’s assessment,Most still based on a refiner。
At the time,The judges will be based on the tool,Performing identification and assessment。
According to the power of the tool、Plumber、Variation、Think about thinking、Material integration compatibility,Give a comprehensive score。
Re-evaluate the order of everyone。
In the next decade,They will wear the bad badge walking throughout。
Everyone is very enthusiastic,Also。
at the same time,There are still many attention to sneaking towards a few directions.。
That is Liu Ribu、Night small fairy、Zhang Wenyuan。
Recently,They naturally heard related news。
Three people gamble this time with two billion yuan。
“Smoke sister,Your friend may encounter the most stringent standard in the assessment.……”
Night small fairy,Don’t hide your own purpose,Come http://www.nanyatechan.cn over and dial。
Liu Ru smoke changed to the weak,Strong counterattack。
Narrate,Night small fairy face,“Willow,I am so good to remind you.,You don’t know how to know it.,Still,It is to make my eyes。”
“Ten years ago,I deliberately angered me before the assessment,Ibel,Are you still disgusting??”